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These are all tools with complexity "easy"!

Data picking list

The data picking list is a tool meant to record failures by type and number. Occurring failures get recorded in a tally sheet. The amount of tallies provides an overview of the frequency of occurrence.

Delegation Poker

It’s a game that follows a similar approach as the Planning-Poker by sensitizing the participants for the distinguished delegation of responsibilities.

Dot rating

Rating the relevance of particular causes, ideas and solutions by awarding dots.


The Effort-Benefit-Matrix is used to compare the efficiency of different solution approaches or possible measures.


The Acronym ESVP stands for a method by which the motivation of the participants can be interrogated in meetings or workshops.

Eternal minutes

To be used during project or job meetings in order to record tasks, dates and decisions and to allocate them to absentee.


A flowchart visualizes work processes in a graphical form. It outlines consecutive work steps, events, interfaces, and responsibilities. Furthermore, the flowchart is applied to analyze an existing or to illustrate a new process.

Force field analysis

The force field analysis is a useful tool to identify both, factors which bind forces and inhibit or block changes as well as those which release forces and thus promote change throughout change processes.


The inframe / outframe serves to narrow and clarify the considered issues in analogy to a picture frame. It helps to realize what we want to consider for sure, what certainly not and at which points we are not certain yet.

Meeting course model

The meeting course model is a tool to analyze the key factors of participant involvement and potential conflict along the classic meeting phases and to improve it with the aid of targeted interventions