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These are all tools with effort "high"!

1-to-1 Interview

The one-to-one interview is, besides the focal group interview, another way of personal questioning in primary market research to raise data and evidence.

5S / 5A

“5S action“ is a simple, visual and clearly defined method to obtain long-lasting clarity and structure at the workplace and to preserve it in five steps. As a result, this action reduces waste and ensures more effective work. The obtained standardized order can be seen as the foundation to increase workplace efficiency.

Analytical Hierachy Process

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a method often applied in Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma projects in order to prioritise the client needs ascertained before, for example, by pairwise comparison.


Barcamps are usually two-day events, in which knowledge transfer and exchange between the participants are in focus. In contrast to conventional conferences the barcamp program is determined by the participants themselves. They contribute discussion topics, presentations and workshops.


Benchmarking is a tool to determine the best out of many different objects which can be further used as a reference object for optimization. Therefore, it is necessary to identify better methods and practices (best practices) by comparison. Those have to be understood, adjusted to one’s own situation, and integrated.


BPMN (=Business Process Model and Notation) is a method to model processes graphically in a standardized way. The standard includes a guideline that regulates the look of components of the process illustration (notation). Furthermore, possible connections between those components are standardized (syntax) as well as their meaning (semantics).

Change Architecture

The “change architecture“ is a precisely elaborated and coherent “end-to-end” change concept – from the first announcement, to the accomplishment of critical phases, up to the successful completion. It has a consistent logic which explains how the planned procedure leads to the changes targeted.

Control chart

The control chart is a graphical description of measured values for monitoring process variance and variation.


The failure mode and effect analysis is to be applied as an instrument for failure prevention. FMEAs have to be developed in coordination with the responsible engagement partners during development and manufacturing of goods, in case of new manufacturing processes, for safety relevant and other problem parts.

Focus group interview

The focus group is a moderated discussion group within a peer group tracking an open question. The focus lies on the discussion in terms of a qualified feedback (a qualified feedback provides information to the participants what has been made and why).