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These are all tools with effort "high"!

Kano model

The Kano model shows the interrelation between customer satisfaction and the fulfilment of customer demands. The customers are categorised into three groups. The non-fulfilment of the requests has varying influence on customer satisfaction. The model can be applied to employee satisfaction as well.

Measurement system analysis

A measurement system analysis verifies that the measured data corresponds with the actual reality. Consequently, this tool is used when it is suspected that the measured data does not reflect the actual reality.


Quality Function Deployment is a tool often applied in Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma projects in order to define the quality functions of a product or a process. The intention is to meet the customer needs as closely as possible.

World Café

The World Café is a moderation technique for workshops. The methods’ idea is the exchange in small groups (that will change) in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Through the use of guiding questions, the groups’ overall knowledge and advantage in performance will be uncovered to develop new perspectives, mindsets and courses of action.