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Eternal minutes

To be used during project or job meetings in order to record tasks, dates and decisions and to allocate them to absentee.


The inframe / outframe serves to narrow and clarify the considered issues in analogy to a picture frame. It helps to realize what we want to consider for sure, what certainly not and at which points we are not certain yet.

Mind Map

The tool “mind map” enables flexible and creative working by clearly developing subject areas and notes in a structured and visualized manner. This method creates a clear map that points out the main topic at first glance thanks to its visual contents.

Minutes of meeting

Minutes are matter-of-fact drawn-up records of a meeting, a conference call or anything alike. They document articulated information, concluded results and agreements (result protocol) or outline the detailed course of the discussion (history log).

Photo documentation

Photo documentation is a simple, fast, and efficient tool to document the results of events (such as workshops, meetings, trainings, etc.).

Photo safari

The photo safari is primarily a tool to identify and document grievances in the work environment by participants of the workshop. In the same time, it is a change management tool to foster the awareness of their work environment by the participants as well as the sensitization of grievances.

Problem decision program chart

The problem decision program chart organizes thoughts on existing or planned processes and illustrates the connections graphically, quickly, and clearly. To be able to do so, the process is broken down into substeps. Each problem that can arise within a substep is listed along with a possible solution.

Spaghetti diagram / movement map

Graphical tool for activities of a lean production which is used to visualize work practices and processes to reveal and depict waste at transports and movements.

User Personas

User Personas are a method that enables to analyze the relevant and unfulfilled applications of a product or service with regards to the needs of customers.