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5S / 5A

“5S action“ is a simple, visual and clearly defined method to obtain long-lasting clarity and structure at the workplace and to preserve it in five steps. As a result, this action reduces waste and ensures more effective work. The obtained standardized order can be seen as the foundation to increase workplace efficiency.

6 w questions

The 6W method is a tool which can be used to collect among others problems and solution approaches in a check list. The result is a detailed listing of essential task components. These help to illustrate connections and understand the coherences of the tasks to solve a problem or to implement a solution.

Analytical Hierachy Process

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a method often applied in Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma projects in order to prioritise the client needs ascertained before, for example, by pairwise comparison.


Barcamps are usually two-day events, in which knowledge transfer and exchange between the participants are in focus. In contrast to conventional conferences the barcamp program is determined by the participants themselves. They contribute discussion topics, presentations and workshops.

Column-/bar diagram

The column and/or bar diagram is a visualisation method often applied for the primarily visualisation of a frequency scale within a coordinate system by means of columns or bars.


The cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) serves to monetarily rate one or more solutions in order to create a basis for the decision whether to implement a measure resp. the selection out of several alternatives. Thereby, cost and benefit are descripted in monetary units.

Customer needs table

The customer needs table is a tool used to identify the fundamental customer needs and it is often apllied during Six-Sigma projects. Customer statements are being transferred into the customer needs table in order to derive the fundamental needs a product or a process result should meet.

Data collection plan

The data collection plan serves as a tool to display structured requirements designed for the data collection considering the measurands for the data material and to display the specified measurements, processes and responsibilities for the implementation/execution of the measurements.

Evaluation grid

Tool for assessing different approaches to a problem providing a basis to make decisions and make them transparent to externals.

Feedback discussion

The feedback discussion is an effective communication and management method. It consists of the conversation between two people. The conversation reflects to the feedback partner, how its performance and behavior are perceived. Feedback consists of the two elements of giving feedback and receiving feedback.

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