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You can access the Toolbox via mobile phone. Open the Toolbox in your mobile browser. For easy access from your mobile desktop, you can add a Toolbox-symbol to your home screen. If you are using Android open "options" in your browser, press "Add to home screen". The Toolbox icon should be visible on your home screen.
We are pleased that you are contributing to the optimisation of the Toolbox. Please send any proposals for new ideas to our editorial team or write a mail to werkzeugkasten@db-training.de. We check whether the tool fits into the tool box. If so, we will send you a template for the description of the tool.
For some tools, templates are available for download. You can find them on the "Links and Downloads" tab. Do you have a good template? Then share it with your DB colleagues. We are happy to put them in the toolbox.
If you have a pattern or template and want all users of the toolbox to benefit from it, please send it via mail to werkzeugkasten@db-training.de. We will check it straight away and insert it if applicable. Thank you.
There is a short description given for each particular tool. Further information like tips and tricks, downloadable templates or examples can be found under the tabs. In the app, the tabs are superimposed on the lower screen border.
All functions are free of charge to all members in the DB group.
Your feedback will be treated strictly confidential and not be published. If it is definite feedback to a particular tool, it will be forwarded to the author in question.
To ease the selection of a tool, we have classified them.   There are tools with low, medium and high effort. High effort means that the application of the tool takes a lot of preparation and is highly material-intensive.   The complexity (easy, medium, hard) describes whether a tool can be applied without training in advance or any in-depth explanation, i.e. without having heard of the tool before.   More complex tools are not that easily revealed to the user. Having in mind to give a try to a new tool? In this case, it is recommended to use the filtering function and choose tools with low complexity. Looking for a challenge? Come on and try some of the more complex tools.
The icons were drawn by DB Training. You are welcome to use our tool icons. However, we ask you to visibly insert the following reference: "Icon from the toolbox: werkzeugkasten.deutschebahn.com".
You are welcome to use our tool icons. However, we ask you to visibly insert the following reference: "Icon from the toolbox: werkzeugkasten.deutschebahn.com".
Thank you for adding an example. Please refer to one of the contact persons.
Oops, sometimes mistakes are overlooked. Please send your information to the DB Training editorial team or send an email to werkzeugkasten@db-training.de
You can find an overview of all contacts under "Contacts". Feel free to contact us!
Not every business division participate with an own editor. Please contact DB Training. We are glad to help you. You find the contact information in the menu under "Contacts".
Can you recommend an English language book for us? We are happy to include it in the list of literature. Send us an email to werkzeugkasten@db-training.de
The tool descriptions were created by a cross-divisional editorial team. This team was disbanded in 2017. In the meantime, many editors are working and help the toolbox to grow. The business field from which the editor of the respective tool description comes can be found on the first tab of a tool. Are you looking for a specific contact person? Then please contact the DB Training toolbox team.
When we started with our toolbox in 2012, the first step included around 80 tools. The editorial team at that time, consisting of the improvement managers of the business areas, selected and edited the tools that were used most frequently at DB. This resulted in a selection of practical tools.
You can download each tool as a pdf-document. Just click the button "PDF-file".