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These are all tools with effort "medium"!


A flowchart visualizes work processes in a graphical form. It outlines consecutive work steps, events, interfaces, and responsibilities. Furthermore, the flowchart is applied to analyze an existing or to illustrate a new process.


Gannt chart is a tool of the project management that shows the time sequence of activities and milestones in the form of bars on a timeline.

Measurement matrix

A measurement matrix creates a structured approach to verify potential causes. In the matrix, possible influencing factors are matched with output measurement parameters. The goal is to identify the influencing factors with the likely largest effect on the output quantity and to further analyze them.


The Meeting Culture Map is a tool which identifies patterns as well as reinforcing factors and their impact on meeting results. On that basis, teams can consider typical behavior patterns they want to work on in order to make future meetings more efficient.

Morphologische Matrix

Systematic creativity technique for the development and examination of various options.

Multi-generation plan

The multi-generation plan focuses on particular content within a development project (for example DFSS development project – Design for Six Sigma) and supports a long-lasting project planning with the (further) development of products and processes.

Photo safari

The photo safari is primarily a tool to identify and document grievances in the work environment by participants of the workshop. In the same time, it is a change management tool to foster the awareness of their work environment by the participants as well as the sensitization of grievances.

Priority array

The Priority array is a tool for rating options or ideas and is often applied for decision making. Therefore, each characteristic is measured in a pairwise comparison by means of numbers and so prioritised.

Problem decision program chart

The problem decision program chart organizes thoughts on existing or planned processes and illustrates the connections graphically, quickly, and clearly. To be able to do so, the process is broken down into substeps. Each problem that can arise within a substep is listed along with a possible solution.

Process diagram

A process diagram is a graphical depiction of processes. It describes the temporal and logical order of single process steps and their links. This kind of depiction is often used in enterprises.