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1-to-1 Interview

The one-to-one interview is, besides the focal group interview, another way of personal questioning in primary market research to raise data and evidence.

Change Architecture

The “change architecture“ is a precisely elaborated and coherent “end-to-end” change concept – from the first announcement, to the accomplishment of critical phases, up to the successful completion. It has a consistent logic which explains how the planned procedure leads to the changes targeted.

Focus group interview

The focus group is a moderated discussion group within a peer group tracking an open question. The focus lies on the discussion in terms of a qualified feedback (a qualified feedback provides information to the participants what has been made and why).

World Café

The World Café is a moderation technique for workshops. The methods’ idea is the exchange in small groups (that will change) in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Through the use of guiding questions, the groups’ overall knowledge and advantage in performance will be uncovered to develop new perspectives, mindsets and courses of action.