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Feedback discussion

The feedback discussion is an effective communication and management method. It consists of the conversation between two people. The conversation reflects to the feedback partner, how its performance and behavior are perceived. Feedback consists of the two elements of giving feedback and receiving feedback.

Fishbowl (also: inner-/outer circle method)

In an inner circle a question is discussed, while participants in the outer circle listen. The participants of the outer circle can switch into the inner circle to join the discussion.

Six thinking hats

Mit Hilfe dieser KreativitätstechniWith the aid of this creativity technique different directions of thought can be pursued systematically. This technique may be applied by a group as well as a single person.k werden systematisch unterschiedliche Denkrichtungen zu einer Fragestellung eingenommen. Diese Methode kann in einer Gruppe oder von einer Person angewandt werden.


In change management, the sounding board serves as a regular critical feedback tool given by employees concerned by the change project. Decision makers gain new insights about their project and identify challenges and problems early enough to intervene adequately.

Stakeholder analysis

The stakeholder analysis is a tool to identify and classify the stakeholders of a project. Identifying the stakeholders’ attitude towards the project is the main aim, in order to derive actions which influence the stakeholders’ attitude positively.

World Café

The World Café is a moderation technique for workshops. The methods’ idea is the exchange in small groups (that will change) in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Through the use of guiding questions, the groups’ overall knowledge and advantage in performance will be uncovered to develop new perspectives, mindsets and courses of action.