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Minutes of meeting

Minutes are matter-of-fact drawn-up records of a meeting, a conference call or anything alike. They document articulated information, concluded results and agreements (result protocol) or outline the detailed course of the discussion (history log).

Peer Supervision

The method of peer supervision takes place in small groups (6-9 employees). Participants consult each other on cases of their work life according to a predetermined conversation structure. An experienced group member slips into the role of the moderator and directs the conversation through six fixed phases. The method comprises approx. 45 min..

Photo documentation

Photo documentation is a simple, fast, and efficient tool to document the results of events (such as workshops, meetings, trainings, etc.).

Pie chart

Visualisation of grouped data as partial values of a whole shaped as parts of a circle.

Six thinking hats

Mit Hilfe dieser KreativitätstechniWith the aid of this creativity technique different directions of thought can be pursued systematically. This technique may be applied by a group as well as a single person.k werden systematisch unterschiedliche Denkrichtungen zu einer Fragestellung eingenommen. Diese Methode kann in einer Gruppe oder von einer Person angewandt werden.

Spaghetti diagram / movement map

Graphical tool for activities of a lean production which is used to visualize work practices and processes to reveal and depict waste at transports and movements.

Target testing sheet

To verify the effectiveness of applied improvement measures, the values of the indicator to be monitored are displayed in the upper part of the target testing sheet whereas the measures themselves are shown in the lower part in the shape of a Gannt diagram. Thereby the correlation between cause elimination and its effect can be pointed out.

Target tracking diagram

A plain and graphic description of target achievement over a period of time.

Team timer (also: Team development timer)

The team timer is a stage model of team development. The typical group process comprises 5 stages: forming (forming stage), storming (conflict stage), norming (stage of developing rules and norms), performing (working stage) and adjourning (resolution stage).

Tree diagram

A tree diagram is a method to create a structured and interrelated overview of a topic or problem on different levels. Therefore, it is possible to depict complex correlations in a comprehensive way and to reveal interactions.