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The change curve describes phases of the emotional experience of humans in change processes. Implications for action can be derived from each phase. The change curve serves as a tool to define the current state in the change process as well as to plan next steps and preventive measures.

Force field analysis

The force field analysis is a useful tool to identify both, factors which bind forces and inhibit or block changes as well as those which release forces and thus promote change throughout change processes.


The (systematic) lineup intends to clarify structures and relationships in a system. It triggers perception and reflection processes that can change dynamics within a group and can be helpful for conflict situations and for situations where decisions are required.

Macro flowchart

The (macro-) flowchart is a visual depiction of the single steps of a process. This can be used to plan and to analyze a process more accurately.

Mind Map

The tool “mind map” enables flexible and creative working by clearly developing subject areas and notes in a structured and visualized manner. This method creates a clear map that points out the main topic at first glance thanks to its visual contents.

Spaghetti diagram / movement map

Graphical tool for activities of a lean production which is used to visualize work practices and processes to reveal and depict waste at transports and movements.