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6 w questions

The 6W method is a tool which can be used to collect among others problems and solution approaches in a check list. The result is a detailed listing of essential task components. These help to illustrate connections and understand the coherences of the tasks to solve a problem or to implement a solution.

Column-/bar diagram

The column and/or bar diagram is a visualisation method often applied for the primarily visualisation of a frequency scale within a coordinate system by means of columns or bars.


The tool histogram is a graphical representation of the frequency distribution of metrically scaled variables.

Macro flowchart

The (macro-) flowchart is a visual depiction of the single steps of a process. This can be used to plan and to analyze a process more accurately.

Pie chart

Visualisation of grouped data as partial values of a whole shaped as parts of a circle.

Six thinking hats

Mit Hilfe dieser KreativitätstechniWith the aid of this creativity technique different directions of thought can be pursued systematically. This technique may be applied by a group as well as a single person.k werden systematisch unterschiedliche Denkrichtungen zu einer Fragestellung eingenommen. Diese Methode kann in einer Gruppe oder von einer Person angewandt werden.

Target tracking diagram

A plain and graphic description of target achievement over a period of time.